Co-Parenting Is Hard.
Co-Parenting After Abuse Is Harder.

Co-Parenting Coaching and Consulting



If you’re a single parent with a contentious ex, you probably worry a lot.

The abuse should have stopped when you left, but it didn’t. You’re still worrying about protecting yourself and your children. You want to be a good co-parent, so you spend hours trying to figure out what to say, how to say it, and how to manage your place in the endless conflict.

With Honestly Strategic to provide support and guidance, you can focus on what matters most: being present and focused for your children.


Most clients use multiple services simultaneously. By combining services, you can receive emotional and psychological support in combination with strategic planning and writing. Clients often report a nearly 180 degree turn, if not in their case, then in their well-being and confidence.

Monthly Peace of Mind

Who knew you could actually buy peace of mind?! While it won’t solve all your problems, my clients rave about this service and I’m so glad to be able to offer it – if you let it, it can truly change your life.

Simply put: have peace of mind that your messages are kind, firm, business-like, and child-focused.



Co-parenting with abusers, commonly called “counter parents,” is horrendously stressful.

I can guide you on communicating with and about your counter parent.



I can help you write honestly and strategically – to the counter parent, to opposing counsel, and even to the Court.

Some of my clients use my services to help strategically guide them but use attorneys to represent them using my writing; some of my clients choose to represent themselves.