About Honestly Strategic

When you feel helpless, help others.

Jen discovered in 2015 while watching her abuser on the stand that HONESTY was not necessary in the broken family court system and that there is no penalty for perjury. While her value of honesty didn’t decrease, her value of STRATEGY increased tremendously. Jen felt helpless to protect her own child, so she has committed to helping others protect theirs. Thus, in 2016 Honestly Strategic was born. As a credentialed advocate, she walks her clients through being forced to “co-parent” with an abuser who insists on counter parenting. She requires absolute honesty from her clients, and couples that with strategy, providing slivers of hope after years where there was none.

How I Can Help

Counter Parent Coaching

You have been court ordered to “co-parent” with your abuser, often referred to as your “counter parent.” I can give you an overview on my best tips, give you ideas on how to deal with specific situations, and even help give you ways to help your child(ren) recover following your counter parent’s custodial time.

Strategic Coaching

I also provide Strategic Coaching. The court process is intimidating and overwhelming; attorneys can only know so much about you and your children. I can help you navigate the system, not as a lawyer (which I am not) but as an advocate, honestly and strategically.

Writing Services

I can help you write your story honestly and strategically – to the counter parent, to opposing counsel, and even to the Court. Some of my clients use my services to help strategically guide them but use attorneys to represent them using my writing; some of my clients choose to represent themselves. In either case, I am not ever providing anything that is to be construed or received as legal advice.

Monthly Peace of Mind – Communications Service

Disengaging with your counter parent is one of the hardest things a survivor can do. By subscribing to my Monthly Peace of Mind service, you’ll reduce stress, knowing that your messages to him are fit for third party review: kind, firm, business-like, and child-focused.

Before starting this subscription service, you’ll need to schedule a Initial Consultation, so I can get a strong overview of your situation. If you’ve already done that and are ready for that peace of mind, shoot me a message and you can get started right away.

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